Heavy Snow = Blooming Plants

No, it is not snowing at Colorado National Monument. Higher elevations in Colorado are still receiving snow. But here in the monument, the elevation tops out at 7,028 feet (according to one source I found on-line).

Last winter, however, the park experienced above average snowfall. The melting snow provided abundant moisture for plants. Flowers have been plentiful this year.

For some reason, I am drawn to cactus. I find them quite fascinating and especially enjoy their flowers. Fortunately, I have been able to elude their needle-like spines while in the monument. Hopefully, my luck continues throughout the season.

Here are a few images I captured with my cell phone while exploring the general vicinity of my living quarters and the Visitor’s Center.

Not bad for a desert area.

9 thoughts on “Heavy Snow = Blooming Plants”

    1. Don, I have photographed some of the Desert Bighorns but none of them have been what I consider “good images”. I am still working on this.

  1. I have enjoyed all your recent photos of your time in Colorado. Your life is an adventure Stan. Thanks for sharing it with all your friends.

    1. Sue, it is great to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. It sounds like this week ahead is going to be very hot in Iowa; just in time for RAGBRAI.

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