Living in Colorado

My next adventure has begun. On June 9th, I drove to Colorado National Monument where I will be living and working on the maintenance crew for about 4 months.

If you haven’t heard of this monument, don’t feel too bad. I knew very little about it until I applied for a job here. Still, I know very little. But I have until October to explore the park.

The park is located west of Grand Junction, Colorado which is on the western side of the state.

Here are a few images that I took with my iPhone to give you an idea of what the park looks like

Park sign by the Fruita, Colorado entrance.
The landscape.
Dead Juniper tree
The yellow dot is the location of my apartment. The blue dot is the location of the maintenance office. As you can see, I have an extremely short commute.

I am excited to share more about this park as the summer progresses. I am thankful that I do not have to deal with high humidity, such as that in the Midwest.

20 thoughts on “Living in Colorado”

  1. Jeanne M Kenkel-Tajvar

    Good for you Stan!! It’s going to be an awesome four months. I wish you well and I know it’s going to be great. 🙂

  2. Myron L Johnson

    I have traveled through this area on my way to Cortez to explore some Anasazi ruins. It is some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen. I am sure you will see and photo some great scenes…Best Wishes…Myron Johnson

    1. Myron, I am looking forward to learning more about this area. I have been in the Cortez area several times but not this area. It is beautiful. I look forward to further exploration.

  3. I’m so glad you have this opportunity. Colorado is so beautiful. I know this will be a great adventure for you & a great opportunity for some beautiful photos. Look forward to seeing your pictures & hearing all about your time there. Enjoy!!

  4. Hi Stan, welcome to Grand Junction. My wife and I moved here a little over 5 years ago. I volunteer at the National Monument. I hope our paths will cross this summer. Feel free to email me if you want to meet up for a hike or lunch one of these days.

    1. Don, there are just some places where they should not grow corn. I have seen corn north of town but am thankful that the public lands around here do not really want corn.

  5. Stan, this looks like a great spot for you to spend your summer. I bet you’re excited! I’m so pleased you are there. Does the Park use any Case tractors you can operate? Best Wishes for a great summer Stan.
    Wes N

  6. Kate Kriynovich

    Off to another great adventure! You really keep things interesting. I’ve always loved my time in Colorado–all seasons are wonderful there, and I miss it. I appreciate the low humidity, for sure. Thank you for sharing it all with us, and keep the pics coming. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kate. I hope it will be a great adventure. I can understand why you love Colorado. It can get pretty hot here on the west side but I do love the lack of humidity.

  7. Carol Gronstal

    I loved the Colorado Monument when I visited it many years ago with my cousin. Have a great summer!

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