May in Iowa – Mammals

Red Fox pup in woods

May is an active month in the wildlife department. Mammals are raising their young. Small birds are migrating through. Goslings are hatching. I usually struggle with deciding what to photograph first. I wish I could spread May across a span of several months. But, nature’s seasonal clock just keeps ticking.

Early May means the Red Fox pups will be emerging from their dens to play in the great outdoors. The trick for me is finding an active den with an aesthetic setting, with good evening lighting, and also early enough in the month before the grass gets too tall. I had a late start on my scouting activities this year. Therefore, my photo opportunities were limited.

Red Fox pup
Red Fox pup

Regardless, I enjoyed watching the pups investigate their surroundings. A den of three caught my attention. One pup would wander far and wide, seemingly oblivious to any potential dangers in the vicinity. The other two would barely leave the den entrance unless the first pup coaxed them out. The den was in a metal culvert, limiting my ability to photograph the pups in a more natural setting.