Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let is Snow.

Snow seems to be a common theme here in Grand Teton National Park. I believe this weekend’s forecast predicted an additional 10 – 15 inches of snow. Fortunately, it is powder snow, making it light and easy to scoop. Still, this is a lot of snow to move.

Via a quick Google search, I was able to find two websites that both reported an average of about 14 feet of snow per year in Moose, WY. I haven’t been able to find information on how much snow has fallen so far this year.

It seems that the road crew gets nothing done but snow removal. On snowy days, they are plowing the roads. On clear days, they are widening out the road shoulders and moving snow piles in the parking lots; making room for more snow. I am impressed with their tenacity and ability to keep up with the snowfall.

Even days after a significant snowfall event, the road crew is still working to clean snow off the road shoulders. Sony a7R III + 16-35mm lens @ 35 mm, ISO 400, f/16, 1/500s. ©Stanley Buman. All Rights Reserved.

My apartment is about 2 ½ miles north of Moose, in Beaver Creek. I feel like I am living in a winter wonderland. Here are a few pictures of the neighborhood.

Looking out my apartment door. Sony a7R III + 16-35mm lens @ 16 mm, ISO 400, f/16, 1/25s. ©Stanley Buman. All Rights Reserved.
Note the snow on the roof of a nearby apartment complex. Sony a7R III + 16-35mm lens @ 35 mm, ISO 400, f/16, 1/100s. ©Stanley Buman. All Rights Reserved.
More buildings and snow piles. Sony a7R III + 16-35mm lens @ 35 mm, ISO 400, f/16, 1/40s. ©Stanley Buman. All Rights Reserved.

Multiple park employees have told me this is a mild month compared to last year. During the month of February 2019 alone, they received almost 100 inches of snow. I had actually looked into a job at Snow King Mountain in Jackson to shovel snow that winter. It might be a good thing I did not pursue that position.

My neighbor Maria Rachal scooping out her walkway. Sony a7R III + 16-35mm lens @ 35 mm, ISO 400, f/16, 1/160s. ©Stanley Buman. All Rights Reserved.

14 thoughts on “Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let is Snow.”

  1. Stan,
    You can keep the snow. Love the the winter views but keep all the white stuff. Temps today around 48 degrees, and saw two robin in Denison this morning.

    1. Don, I just looked at the Amish pictures you took. The snow is what makes the photos beautiful. If you remove the snow, they would look pretty drab. We were at 32 degrees today.

  2. Beautiful pictures. If there’s not a 40 mph wind with the snow like in IA, it wouldn’t be all that bad! Looks very peaceful.

    1. Bev, thankfully the winds have not been too strong. We have had winds around 20 mph which definitely causes drifting with the light fluffy snow. I tend to be more cautious than others and stay closer to my apartment on those days.

  3. That snowfall is impressive Stan and at 32 degrees it is a winter wonderland! Are there any snow machines other than snow removal units in your working area……snowmobiles, trail groomers, etc?

    1. There are snowmobiles all around the park, in the National Forests. There are several trails (roads) that they groom a couple of times/week. The park has a yellow Bombardier snow coach but it isn’t used much.

  4. Hello Stan ! Greetings from somewhat snowy, Spearfish, SD ! We’ve had snow, yet nothing like what you are experiencing in your area. I recall you said you would be west again after the holidays. Where exactly is you home away from home ? Sam is in Missoula, how far are you from there ? As always, your photography is beautiful to look at and timeless.

    1. Hi Ann! I am currently in Grand Teton National Park, just north of Jackson, WY. I will be headed back to Iowa in a week or two. I hope Sam is enjoying his job in Missoula.

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